Roof & Wall Coatings

Properla® products have been designed and manufactured in Germany to the very highest standards.

Already, these exceptional wall and roof coatings have become the preferred choice for many business and homeowners on the continent. South West Insulation Solutions are proud to be able to offer our customers a selection of different wall and roof coatings to suit any situation.

The Properla UK products

Invisible Insulation Barrier

Properla Masonry Crème uses the latest nanotechnology to repel water and dirt, keeping your property dry, clean and attractive. It is the ideal insulation coating for a variety of different substrates, and will not change the colour or appearance of the underlying surface. Masonry Crème mimics the super hydrophobic and self-cleaning capabilities of the Lotus leaf.

Lotus Effect Colour Coating

ProPERLA Façade Coating makes use of the latest technology to provide your exterior walls with a coating that repels water. The result is a more dry structure, with improved insulation properties. Façade Coating mimics the super hydrophobic and self-cleaning capabilities of the Lotus leaf, protecting a structure from a range of environmental factors.

Roof Coating

Already the leading roof coating in Germany and now available in the UK! Engineered to improve roofs to resist weather influences caused by rain, frost and sun. Renotec roof coating is available in a range of different colours, and can provide a wealth of benefits to your structure.

Keep your walls & roof dry

ProPERLA Water Repellent is an external superhydrophobic clear coating which uses the latest nano technology to reduce moisture ingress in mineral building surfaces. Once applied, the clear coating chemically reacts and actively bonds to the surface. As a result, rainfall is no longer absorbed, and simply runs off the surface in the form of liquid beads. The resulting increase in thermal resistance can play a major role as an insulation solution. And Properla Water Repellent offers a number of other desirable benefits to any structure.

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